Developer Plan Users - Allow Different Levels of Authorization For Evaluation

Hi folks,

I am currently on the free developer 5 user plan while I am doing some evaluation for potential use with my employer. Under the current configuration, trying to add another users adds the user as an owner, with no option to select a lower level of authorization without upgrading. I’d love to be able to show our stakeholders what this looks like if a standard developer/engineer logs in. Is this something you’d consider?

Bruce Parr

Hi Bruce, thanks for reaching out! You can trial access controls on the Team plan for 7 days by selecting it on the billing dashboard, no card required. Another engineer on your team could then be invited in with a lower level of permissions for the demo. If you need more than 7 days for your trial, feel free to email

Out of curiosity, would you mind sharing how many engineers you have at your company?