Developer Plan Users - Allow Different Levels of Authorization For Evaluation

Hi folks,

I am currently on the free developer 5 user plan while I am doing some evaluation for potential use with my employer. Under the current configuration, trying to add another users adds the user as an owner, with no option to select a lower level of authorization without upgrading. I’d love to be able to show our stakeholders what this looks like if a standard developer/engineer logs in. Is this something you’d consider?

Bruce Parr

Hi Bruce, thanks for reaching out! You can trial access controls on the Team plan for 7 days by selecting it on the billing dashboard, no card required. Another engineer on your team could then be invited in with a lower level of permissions for the demo. If you need more than 7 days for your trial, feel free to email

Out of curiosity, would you mind sharing how many engineers you have at your company?

Thanks Brian. Apologies for the delayed reply. We were seriously derailed by log4j and I am just catching up. As for engineers, we’re somewhere north of 600. Maybe more after the recent hiring spree.

Sorry to hear you were impacted by the log4j event. I know a couple of other teams that were also deeply impacted.

With an engineering team of that size, I think it would be best if we gave you a formal demo of the product. Feel free to send me an email ( or if it’s easier add a time on our team’s calendar:

Hi Brian,

I think initially we would bring in members of our DevOps, DevSecOps, Security Engineering teams, and several Principal Engineers to cover the development groups. No more than 10 people to ensure we cover all the immediate needs. If we went further, we would do internal proofs of concept. That’s been our normal approach and it’s worked well. Trying to get concensus from over 600 people is just asking for a migraine. B-)

Hey Bruce, ahh sorry for the confusion. Definitely didn’t mean demoing to your entire 600 person engineering team. That would be a migraine waiting to happen!

A demo with the DevOps, DevSecOps, Security teams with some Principle Engineers is very typical for us. Next step would be to book a demo if you haven’t already. From there you can add all the relevant stakeholders on your end to the call.