Adding new secrets to root environment after branches created

Hi there! Getting acquainted with Doppler… I populated a root environment with some secrets, created a couple of branch environments, and then added a new secret to the root. I observed the new secret didn’t appear to automatically pull through to the branches - is this as designed? My expectation was for new secrets added to the root to automatically pull through to the branches.

Adding the new secret to a branch then allowed me to set it to sync with the root, but having to take this action for all branches seems a bit of a chore.


Hi @AndyY!

Welcome to the Doppler Community!

When you add a new secret to the root config, it gets added to all branch configs under it. Could you double-check to make sure it wasn’t actually added? Note that the secret list is sorted alphabetically, not by creation time, so the new secret won’t show up at the bottom of the list.

If you’re sure they aren’t showing up, could you either post a Loom showing what you’re doing here or email it to referencing this thread so I can take a look?


Thanks! I tried again and saw it work as expected, so I suspect I was mistaken / missed something while early in my journey familiarising myself with the dashboard. Apologies!

No worries! Have a great rest of your week!