What is "API-based Rotation" Included in Team Plan

Hello Doppler Community,

I was reading the pricing page of Doppler and came across with a feature called API-based Rotation, which is included in Team Plan.

Yet, I couldn’t find any documentation regarding this feature (the closest one I could find was the ‘API rotation’ under Automated Secrets Rotation). May I know what feature it actually is?

Many thanks!

Hi @kynsonszetau!

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There are basically two types of rotation – API-based and Proxy-based. API-based rotation means you provide an API key to the third party service and the secret is rotated by using that third party’s API. For example, our Twilio rotator works like this. Proxy-based rotation is more involved and typically involves the use of an agent that takes some action (e.g., the Postgres rotator requires credentials for a postgres account with sufficient permissions to change a user password). This is more advanced and typically uses role assumption and a variety of other mechanisms. The agent for that method is open source and they’re all cryptographically signed for increased security.

So! Under the Team plan you have access to the rotators that are API-based and the Enterprise plan opens up access to the more advanced Proxy-based rotators.

Let me know if you have any further questions!



Hi @watsonian,

Thank you very much for clarifying! This feature (in the docs) is not marked as available under Team plan so I got a bit confused. (Perhaps because it is still in beta?)

@kynsonszetau Yep! While it’s in beta we’re providing access to Proxy-based rotators on the Team plan, but the plan is to make that an Enterprise-only feature in the future.

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