Key Rotation Process

Consider adding support for key rotation process. Right now we use a spreadsheet to rotate keys in Doppler on a quarterly basis (for user scoped) and annually (for system scoped) keys for compliance.

It would be good to know the date the key was last changed, the created date of the key, and have some way to note where the key is rotated. This would allow us to accomplish our key rotation “job to be done” inside of Doppler and not have to backfill with the spreadsheet. Can expand on this if helpful.

Hey Roger, just to confirm you are mentioning the secrets stored in Doppler, not the tokens we issue for authentication when referencing “keys”.

Correct, just the secrets stored in Doppler

Thanks for clarifying. For secrets rotation, we definitely have that as a planned feature with the hope that it will be fully automated. What services or types of secrets would you like prioritized when building out secrets rotation?