Thanks Doppler Team

Thanks @ryan-blunden @brian-vallelunga and rest of the team!

This is a great product!!! It’s a superpower imo. First from the security aspect (vgs is very good software). This limits access to creds and makes rolling them much faster and safer.

I also think its incredible how you can have multiple branch configs, for example you can setup a qa environment (which logs to some pubsub and info level) and then create branch qa_local_stdout (which logs at debug level and to stdout) and with a flip just run the qa system locally. In addition to more quickly reproducing bugs, Thats powerful for helping team members accelerate their onboarding to a company or a new team in a very fast and very safe way.

Well done!

@avaitla16 Thank you so much for the kind words! It is amazing to hear you think of Doppler as a superpower. Would you mind if we do a case study at some point in the near future to show off how Doppler has impacted your team?

I can direct message you!

Awesome! My email is