Periodic notifications with compare / diff between environment and branched configs

We have what i think is a pretty common setup with dev, ci, staging, production environments. There are multiple branches off the dev environment, one for each developer.

Every once in a while I go through these environments using Compare > By Config to ensure that we don’t have any accidental drift. It would be really neat if i could set up a weekly/monthly/some other schedule email that would notify me of any differences between environments. Bonus points if it allows me to specify how long the diff must have existed for to notify my, and let me ignore a diff for future emails. Something like:

Drift was detected in the dev environment.

Between dev and dev_john:
DEBUG (link to ignore here)
SOME_OTHER_VAR (link to ignore here)
(link to view differences in compare view)

Between dev and dev_alice:
DATABASE_URL (link to ignore here)
(link to view differences in compare view)

Could also be implemented as a weekly/monthly reminder that goes directly to team members about their specific environment (but i’m not sure a link like this exists?).

This is not necessarily to enforce One True Config, more a tool to get ahead of any drift that could cause debugging headaches, and to remember to reset or promote changes to avoid “works on my machine” type situations.