Netlify Integration - change teams

Couple things came up as I’ve tried debugging adding a Netlify integration… after setting up multiple environments for preview and production deployments (using the recommendations added to the docs), I found I still needed to reference some specific environment variables in Netlify. These are mainly used in Netlify’s “functions” where we run some post-deploy scripts.

Since we are making a serious effort on our end to consolidate all our environment variables to Doppler I figured I’d make a “Netlify” specific environment in Doppler and use the built in Netlify integration to keep the environment variables in sync. When I click on the Netlify integration, I’m not able to switch to the team that my site is listed under. I checked and confirmed I am an “owner” of the site on the other team, so I don’t suspect that permissions is an issue here.

When I click “Create New Connection” (from Netlify integration page) I am directed to Netlify authenticate, and then back to Doppler where I can only pick sites from a personal project, and don’t have an option to change teams. I even tried creating a new connection after changing my “default team” in my Netlify settings.

On a related note, each time I tried to create a new connection I was given a duplicate of my team integration. Would be nice to either recognize and merge common connections, or at least give an option to delete the duplicates.


  1. Is there a way or could support be added to select a different team for Netlify integrations?
  2. It would be nice to be able to delete integrations or prevent creating duplicate integrations.

Hi @BradRyan, thank you so much for taking the time to write this up! We’re excited to hear that you’re consolidating your secrets in Doppler and I’m certain that we’ll get these Netlify sync issues squared away.

On the first issue, our Netlify sync setup should definitely be showing you all sites/projects that you have access to, across all of your teams. I think I’ve identified the issue here and our team is working on the fix.

The “Create New Connection” flow is intended if you wanted to connect Netlify accounts with completely different logins – though I absolutely understand why you created the duplicates in trying to connect projects across teams. You can remove the duplicates by going to your workplace Settings (available from the left menu item) and scrolling to the “Services” section. We can make this a littler clearer in our UI but when you set up an integration like Netlify, it’s stored at the workplace level – this allows you to create Netlify syncs on multiple projects using the same account integration.

Let me know if I missed anything. Once we have the teams fix out, I’ll follow up here.

Thanks for bearing with us and again, we super appreciate the detailed feedback!

Thanks for the response @Nic_Manoogian. Makes sense that the “Create New Connection” is for new logins if I should be seeing all sites across all of my teams. For now I’ve manually added our environment variables to Netlify, but will update the integration once it is resolved!

You can remove the duplicates by going to your workplace Settings (available from the left menu item) and scrolling to the “Services” section

Also, I wasn’t able to figure out how to remove the duplicates as I didn’t see a workplace setting of any sort. The only place I saw mention of “Services” was in the “Tokens” page, but I didn’t see those connections on this page. Anyways, no stress on the removing connection part right now… just a nice to have.

Ah, I see now. The “Services” panel is on the workplace “Settings” page. This menu item appears below the Billing item, but it’s only available to workplace Owners.

Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 11.53.14 AM

It’s a bit confusing that you can create workplace integrations as an Admin but you can’t remove them. I’ll chat with the team about how we can make this a bit more intuitive.

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Hey @BradRyan! I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know that we’ve released a fix for our Netlify sync setup; it should now show all sites/projects across all of your teams as sync options.

Thanks again for letting us know about this and please let me know if you hit any other snags!