Doppler -> Netlify Integration errors

I am trying to deploy a next.js project with doppler on netlify. I have used the production context on netlify and setup the netlify integration on doppler dashboard following the guide here - Netlify

As you can see in the build command fails after the yarn install in netlify. After going through the community posts I could not find any relevant fixes. I’d be highly obliged if anyone can point me in the correct direction to solve the issue.

Kindly let me know if any more details are required about the error.

Hi @Aviral_Withub!

Welcome to the Doppler Community!

It looks like you’re attempting to install the Doppler CLI and then fetch your secrets inside your Netlify application. If you’re already setup a Netlify sync for the Doppler config you want secrets from, then your secrets should already be available as environment variables inside your Netlify application. You won’t need the Doppler CLI at all there and should be able to just reference the environment variables as per usual.


Hi Joel,
Thanks for your response. Yes, what you have suggested is correct. However, this issue was arising due to an oversight on my part. I was using a randomly generated token as $DOPPLER_TOKEN_PROD rather than using a doppler issued login token. I replaced it with a personal token from doppler dashboard of the format and it started working as expected. Thanks again for your prompt response. Glad to be a part of the Doppler Community!