Is Doppler installed on all render machines?

I’m looking at the guide for using Doppler with Render, but I’m a little confused as to how / if I need to install it on render. Would be using doppler with a golang app. Thanks.

Hey @Josh_S, great to hear from you! If you are using Render’s default docker image it should be pre-installed. If you are using a custom image you can add the Doppler CLI during the build phase in one line: Docker

Good to hear from you too Brian.

I’m just using Render’s run command, and this repo is not associated with any kind of docker image. Just their autodetect settings for the go app

It fails on that picture above

Ahh interesting. Could you try:

curl -Ls | sh && doppler run -- ENV=production ./app

Also worth noting you can move the ENV=production to Doppler so it would just be:

curl -Ls | sh && doppler run -- ./app

Hi Josh,

Just jumping in here, as I worked on the render integration. I just tested this myself and it seems to work (Node application).

Maybe there is a different image for GO. Can you run doppler -v just to check if that throws an error or returns the version?



Running that command in the Render shell gives me back this


@Josh_S that’s a good sign, that means the CLI is installed.
What is the error you are getting when you are running doppler run -- ENV=production ./app?

For that particular command.

My bad @Josh_S , there should be a space between --- and ENV=production. I just updated my comment. Can you try:
doppler run -- ENV=production ./app

Ran debug version and found this, so gonna move env=production to doppler and try again

When I did it without debug version, it silently failed on render FYI

Moving that to Doppler makes it work! Thanks

Cool, great that you got it to work!
If you want the logic that you wanted earlier, you can also use:
ENV=production doppler run -- ./app