IntelliJ integration


Would be amazing to get proper IntelliJ support. The most amazing thing would be a full plugin that allows me to select the relevant project and environment and then view/download the variables.

are you primarily trying to interact with dev secrets? Also, is it important to “see” the secret values or just use them?

Hey Mark,

It would be great to be able to see and use them. I would be satisfied at the beginning with just using them but inserting a prefix to the java command in IntelliJ is not possible.

This would be extremely useful, I thought I was the only one with this problem :laughing:

Do you know a temporarily solution for this? For example manually running the application, is this possible?

As a temp fix I created a bash script and I run it before I run my service, please notice you need to pass the service token as a parameter.


base64=$(echo -n $token | base64)
curl --header "Authorization: Basic $base64" -o src/main/resources/.env

Nice, thanks for sharing this!