Integrations - AWS resource tags

It’d be nifty if the syncing integrations with AWS (secrets manager and parameter store) allowed for providing an arbitrary set of resource tags to apply to all resources created by that integration. I’ve got 2 concrete use cases in mind:

  1. Billing/General Management - Table stakes for DevOps housekeeping
  2. AWS Copilot - Requires tags on created parameters for the sake of permissioning (the IAM policies it grants to ECS tasks limit access to the Parameter Store using resource tags, so they are required)

Hope this finds you well, and I’ve already got CFN workarounds for both cases above, so no biggie! Just musing aloud :slight_smile:

Hi @Dangeruss !

That’s a great idea, this should be fairly easy to add. I am going to make a task for this and hopefully pick it up soon. Stay tuned!



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Hi @Dangeruss ,

Good news! We added the ability to add tags to Parameter Store (as well as saving them as normal strings).



Hey @rgmvisser ,

Super exciting stuff! Looking forward to giving it a spin :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

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