How do I delete and edit GitHub action integration?

There is no way to reconfigure or delete an integration.

Hi @nhlong, thanks for posting and welcome to the community!

Once a Github Integration has been created, it can’t be edited. However, you can remove it from your workplace from the “Services” section in your workplace settings.

Does this answer your question?

I just want to delete and reconfigure the service for one specific environment. Doing so will delete the integration for other environments and projects as well.

Oh, I see! You just want to remove an individual secrets sync, not the entire integration.

You can remove syncs by clicking on “Integrations” for your project, then clicking “Github”. All of the syncs for your project will be listed there and you can remove them.

Thanks. I used Doppler on mobile and couldn’t see it. Now I have to use the PC to do that.

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