Having a local "Serve" option

When writing an application/service that consumes your API for downloading secrets (instead of serving via doppler run) it would be great for disconnected scenarios if there were an “official” solution so serve the API endpoint for downloading secrets, from a fallback file. Either via the Doppler CLI or a Docker image that could be used as a side-car.

doppler serve .doppler/doppler.encrypted.json

Currently solving this myself, by having a configuration API, that has one endpoint behaving the same as the official download secrets endpoint. This API is then started via doppler run --fallback .... Then this application is used internally over HTTPS, as a way to configure applications with secrets during boot.

I could use doppler run in all those services, but, when developing in .NET, using doppler run makes the debug experience somewhat harder. I therefore use a .NET configuration provider that works against your API. Works great. But when it comes to a “disconnected only” required environment, it would be great to be able to point to a locally served endpoint so that you could have the same application code running independent of environment.

Yes please. I was looking for exactly this feature for .Net project as well.

This would also reduce API calls to Doppler during local development a lot.