`enter` key behavior in UI

We just had an outage in a section of our production application due to there being a hard-to-distinguish newline character at the end of an env var. It would be great if the behavior of the enter key was either configurable (don’t allow new-lines) or if whitespace at the end of inputs was indicated in a more distinct manner (like “use the alert dialog” level of distinction).

Hi @tbhesswebber!

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Thanks for reporting this! We have an issue open already around this kind of problem (similar issues can crop up with any kind of leading/trailing whitespace). We decided not to strip whitespace like that due to not wanting to modify the secrets users were entering. That said, having leading and trailing whitespace isn’t typically something that’s desired, so we’re looking into what we can do here.

Sorry that this caused you problems! Hopefully we can get something in place that will help prevent this from happening for you and any future users!