Dynamic update of volume mounts, if we add new entry to doppler secret

Hello Team,

I have created a doppler secret (configmap) and referenced in deployment.yaml from managed kuberentes secret and volumemount path for the file config1.json. And this file is created in the volumemount.


We are looking to find if doppler support updating the volume mount dynamically with multiple config files (for example, if I add another docker secret with a configmap).

Once doppler updates the managed kubernetes secret, does this update the volume mount as separate file (ex: config2.json).

Hi Vijay,

If your deployment has the secrets.doppler.com/reload: 'true' annotation, then the Operator will trigger a redeploy which ensures the latest version of any secret or config map is mounted in the Deployment’s containers.

The Doppler Operator does not modify/change/update the Deployment itself (only the annotation in order to trigger a redeploy) so therefore, mounting a separate config file from a secret or configmap is something you need to do in the Deployment spec.

Does that answer your questions?

Hi @vmamidala,

Just wanted to check-in to see if my response answered your question?