Doppler with Phusion Passenger

I’m trying to get doppler working with my rails server, running on phusion passenger/nginx. I can’t find any docs on the subject, and I’m having trouble figuring out how/if it’s possible to use doppler with passenger. Has anyone had any success with this? Is this officially supported?

Hey @yan! First off, welcome to the Doppler community, it is great to have you here.

I personally am not too familiar with how Passenger works but I was able to take a look at their docs. From what their docs indicate passenger is a CLI. It also looks like any environment variables in the current shell are passed to ruby (source). With that in mind, this command should work:

doppler run -- passenger start

Hey @brian-vallelunga ! Thanks for your suggestion, unfortunately that would only work if I was using Passenger standalone. Instead I’m using Passenger with Nginx, and thus it is not as easy to control how the process is spawned. I am experimenting to see how I can get it working in this scenario, and will report back, as I suspect this is a common configuration amongst future Doppler users :slight_smile:

Hey @yan, sorry to hear that did not work. Adding @ryan-blunden to the thread who can help debug further.

I’ve been looking into editing the systemctl settings as documented by @ryan-blunden here: · GitHub

I think this may work, I’ll report back if successful!

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Sounds good @yan. I can help work on a Passenger specific solution if needs be so just let me know if there is anything I can do.

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I was able to get this working using @ryan-blunden 's docs on nginx/php with some minor omissions/changes! Mainly I was able to skip the PHP specific install instructions. The rest of the instructions were all pertinent for the most part.

Thanks to @brian-vallelunga for such a wonderful product with great support team! Doppler is going far!

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Awesome! Glad to hear you’ve got this sorted!

Although this is again PHP specific, there might be some other ideas you can use from our php-examples repo as well in terms of generating config files web or application servers can consume to populate environment variables.

Would also love to get more info on exactly how you got this working eventually so I can document it for future Passenger users if that would be possible.

Thanks @yan!! The team and I will be here if you run into any further speed bumps.

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