Dopper run w/ enable-dns-resolver timesout


Per the docs recommendation, we put --enable-dns-resolver in our scripts because we were running into timeout issues.

Now it’s actually that flag that is causing timeout issues and things are running run without it. Just wanted to give a heads up:

/app # doppler --enable-dns-resolver --debug run – bundle exec rails c
Debug: Using config dir /root/.doppler
Debug: Using config file /root/.doppler/.doppler.yaml
Debug: Reading config file
Debug: Skipping CLI upgrade check due to disallowed command
Debug: Using metadata file /root/.doppler/fallback/.metadata-c865b4b86088814fed5c3a3a8275c16a5f3e1bf16c387a48072ca2a3024a9b24.json
Debug: Reading metadata file /root/.doppler/fallback/.metadata-c865b4b86088814fed5c3a3a8275c16a5f3e1bf16c387a48072ca2a3024a9b24.json
Debug: Using custom DNS resolver
Debug: Performing HTTP GET to
Debug: Sending anonymous analytics payload: ‘{“command”:“”}’
Debug: Using custom DNS resolver

I can’t post the full backtrace because this service says I can only make posts with less than two links in the post since I’m new.

Hi @weilandia!

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Can you try posting again? This time, use two sets of three backticks (`) to wrap the backtrace like this:

CleanShot 2023-10-18 at 16.54.25

Typically, if you’re still having timeout issues after switching to the custom DNS resolver, then there’s likely some kind of network accessibility issue in your environment. Are you able to ssh into or attach to the machine and run commands by hand? If so, could you see if curling other URLs works too?