Doppler and JetBrains Rider (or any other dev env)


first I’d love to say I love Doppler! Great tool!

I am using Doppler to store any kind of secrets for multiple environments. The dev environment should be available to the devs too so that they do not need to store secrets on their machines.
This is pretty straight forward if one works with the shell. I use direnv - with env vars - for react projects and it works awesome. I also write Azure functions in dotnet. For that I use my fav IDE JetBrains Rider. Here is where the problem arrises: How can I inject doppler secrets into the (debugging) runtime of Rider? I thought of exporting them to a .json config file but like to avoid that because of security reasons, obviously. I am unsure if there are any alternatives. Hope someone can help.


Hi @Klyse,

Welcome to the Doppler Community!

Unfortunately, I don’t believe we have anything that will work nicely for this purpose out-of-the-box right now. We have some JetBrains users using our python-doppler-env library for python projects, but don’t have equivalent libraries for other languages right now. If you wanted to take a similar approach in dotnet, then that might work for you.

We do also have a Doppler .NET SDK - Configuration Provider project that’s in-progress that you might look at as well. I’m not sure if it’ll work for your specific use-case, but might be worth taking a look at.

Aside from that, if having your secrets as a JSON file will work – one thing that might be feasible for you is to use our new --mount feature describe in our docs here. Essentially, it will let you mount your secrets in JSON format (or .env or a custom template format) at a file location. It’s then mounted as a named pipe, so the secrets aren’t actually stored on disk and when the doppler process exits the file is removed. One thing to look out for here is some applications or libraries do a check to see if an input is a file and this can sometimes return false for named pipes (technically, it’s a pipe, not a file even though it behaves like a file). This could be an avenue worth checking out though!


Hey @watsonian,

thank you so much for coming back to me. The doppler configuration provider might be exactly what I am looking for. Will give it a try. The mount option is really neat! Both features I did not yet know about. Awesome!

Thanks again