DigitalOcean App Platform, Bindable Variables

I have just started using the DigitalOcean(DO) App Platform integration, which I really like. There is however one specific issue I can not work out. My service requires knowledge of the app url, which I enter into DO settings using a bindable variable. Ex:


In this way, I do not need seperate configs if I need to fire up another instance, or edit on doppler if someone messes up and delete the app (url would probably change). See DigitalOcean

Now, if omit this one secret from doppler and add it to DO directly, it will be lost once I hit ‘sync’ on the integration. Is there any way of using bindable variables (DO-side), or am I restricted to a hard code this url in the doppler project (having MY_SERVICE_URL in the config).


Hi @Stig_Korsnes!

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Glad to hear that you’re liking the DigitalOcean integration! Our integration syncs to App Level variables, which are propagated to all components setup under the app. That said, each individual component can have variables set on it and these will override the App Level variables and can be bindable variables. So, while you can’t add MY_SERVICE_URL=${APP_URL} on the App Level variables (because Doppler will just override it), you can set it on a component level.

I’m not sure if that’s what you need, but figured I’d mention it as a possibility! As an aside – is APP_URL something automatically populated by DigitalOcean? If it’s not, it’s worth noting that we also support something similar to bindable variables. We call it secret referencing and it basically uses the same syntax DO uses. If you have an APP_URL set somewhere in Doppler, then you can reference that inside your config so that MY_SERVICE_URL is automatically updated to match that. Changing it would still require modifying it in Doppler though.


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Thanks @watsonian ! That`s great, I did not even think of DigitalOcean component level variables, I have never used them. If doppler keeps them untouched, then the issue is solved :slightly_smiling_face:

APP_URL (among others) can be referenced in the DO env settings just like doppler secret referencing (although without the “tooltip curtain”), and populated by DO. I assume they are set by DO at the build step. ( I can not echo these from the container)