Comments on the current Trusted IPs feature

Well, the CircleCI issues are keeping me busy and causing me to look at using tools like Doppler in very different ways.

My current focus is on restricting access, so restrict the fallout from any future issue such as the one that CircleCI suffered from. The Trusted IPs feature should be an ideal feature to build on, but it is currently limited in the following ways.

  • As I have posted before, there is an issue with the current configuration due to the fact that the list is for all tokens generated for a single config. This allows for a possible exploit where a system granted read-only rights is also able to use an r/w key if discovered.

  • You need to maintain a separate list per config and each entry can only be a single address or CIDR range. When trying to enter and maintain the IP addresses used by CircleCI build agents this gets out of control very quickly for just a single config. As I’m using Doppler to define each deployed system, each compiled code instant and each deployed application environment I have rather a lot of configs.