TOKEN key hell issues

Please show the token shortcode (things like…y1GSo0) against the token on the Service Token list on the ACCESS page.

Trying to debug token issues is a complete pain at the moment and the separate service Token page does not help much.

A simple example

Something is currently broken, but I am not sure what. My script log is reporting that it is using “…E7m0A” which in itself is not that helpful as there is no human-readable information provided, even though the token provides a full-text description of what it relates to. This means I have to do extra steps to fined the full token with those details.

The Service Token page just lists the tokens that currently exists in the system, but displays the shortcode in a different way to the cli tool - so “…E7m0A” now becomes “…dE7m0A”

Now the real problems start, if a key no longer exists I have to search across the Service Token page to find the shortcode of the token I need to track down. This has to be done by a browser search and is painful as

- the order of the table is fixed to the last used date descending
- the name of the token is not unique and is not provided in context of the project/config.

This could be improved if

- The teams could use a standard format for a shortcode across the platform
- The shortcode was displayed on the Service Token/Access page.