Supabase sync failing - 400

We started getting 400 errors as of yesterday from our Supabase integration. We hadn’t changed anything in terms of our setup, was working fine before this. Reconnecting also keeps failing. Any ideas?

Hi @amitav13!

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We’ve actually been seeing these 400s reported on our backend and have been investigating. Unfortunately, we scrub the actual error response aside from the status code for security reasons, so it’s a little tricky to troubleshoot. One thing that may be related is a new (well new since we made the integration!) limit on the secret length and name prefixes they allow. For example, they don’t allow secrets prefixed with SUPABASE_. They also now have a max name length of 256 characters and a max value length of 24576 characters. Is it possible that you added a new secret or updated the value of an existing one that either exceeds one of those two limits or has the disallowed prefix?


SUPABASE_ prefix is what it fixed it for me - should be mentioned in the integrations guide imo. Thanks for the help @watsonian !

@nicdun Now that we’re aware of the limitation, we’re adding validation to the integration so it’ll provide an error at sync creation or (if the sync already exists) will throw an error if someone tries adding a secret with that prefix.