How to uninstall?

Where might we find information on uninstalling? I was unable to locate in documentation except for Kubernetes as shown here (Doppler Secrets Operator):

Also unable to find anything in community except things that do not seem to provide these instructions either.

I’m on a Windows machine, but it would be great to have a section for all installation / uninstallation options. :slight_smile:

No issues, I just want to know how to do it.

@ProsperousHeart The Doppler CLI is just a single executable file, so from inside Git Bash, just run which doppler and it will show you the path to the executable. Then just run rm FULL_PATH where FULL_PATH is the path you got from which doppler. That should be it!

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perfect - thank you so much!

Hello again :sweat_smile: I tried that and when attempting to login again, it said I already was.

How would we also clear that authentication as part of the uninstallation?

Ah, right. Sorry about that! Just run this command:

doppler configure reset

and you should be good to go!

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As a quick follow-up – that will get the CLI reset back to it’s default settings. If you want to completely remove it, then you’ll want to remove the directory at $HOME/.doppler:

cd $HOME
rm -rf .doppler/

This will also accomplish the same thing the reset does – it just won’t leave any doppler files behind in your home directory.

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Perfect, thank you!!!