Doppler run command on windows does not replace secrets when they are escaped

Here are the commands i tried:
doppler run --command="echo \$SECRET"
doppler run --command=“echo `$SECRET”
doppler run --command=‘echo $SECRET’

Hi @Kartikye_Mittal!

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Could you elaborate a little on what your Windows environment is like? Are you just using the CLI in PowerShell? Or are you using WSL2? If you’re running in a PowerShell session, try using something like this:

doppler run --command='echo %SECRET%'

And see if that works for you. If you’re using WSL2, I’d expect the commands you ran to work since you’re essentially running in a linux environment. I don’t have a test environment setup right now with WSL2 installed, so I’d have to get one setup for that if this is what you’re doing though!