Doppler CLI in Container - ENTRYPOINT instead of CMD

Hi all,

Just starting out using Doppler an already loving it! I need some help though.

My app uses ENTRYPOINT instead of CMD. The provided example on the Doppler CLI in Container page for the Kubernetes integration (Kubernetes Secrets Management: Doppler CLI in Container) provides the following:

CMD [“doppler”, “run”, “–”, “your-app-command”]

My app/Dockerfile however, uses ENTRYPOINT with a .sh file, like so:


I also found this docs page for Doppler’s Docker integration: Dockerfile. However I don’t understand it fully as I’m not that experienced with writing Dockerfiles

How can I use the Doppler CLI within a container in my case?

HI @NetMan013 and welcome to the Doppler community!

This is a good question that our docs didn’t cover so I’ve added a new Dockerfile ENTRYPOINT Script section to our existing Dockerfile documentation.

The short answer is that if the existing ENTRYPOINT script simply executes the CMD, then as mentioned, updating the CMD is the best and easiest way to go:

CMD [“doppler”, “run”, “–”, “your-app-command”]

If on the other hand, you need to integrate doppler run into the ENTRYPOINT script directly, then check out the Dockerfile ENTRYPOINT Script documentation.


@ryan-blunden Thanks for the help earlier.

We ended up using the original image as base and add the Doppler CLI on top of that.
This choice results in less maintenance for us refactoring an existing Dockerfile that will recieve updates down the line and it keeps compatibillity for the existing entrypoint file.
This concept, we also applied to the orignal mariadb image from Docker hub.

Would it be a good addition for the docs to mention using an original image as base and wrap the Doppler CLI arround it by use of a Dockerfile.