Add support for syncing secrets to Auth0

Our team uses Auth0 and it would therefore be awesome if we could sync secrets from Doppler to Auth0!

This would especially be nice for setting secrets in:

  • Rules (the legacy way of extending the Auth0 platform)
  • Actions the new way of extending the Auth0 platform

Let me know if you need any more info for the feature request :sunglasses:

Hi @alexbjorlig,

Thanks for sending this in! We’ve received a couple requests for an integration here. I’ve added you to the list we’re maintaining!

In the mean time, it does look like the Auth0 Management API has an endpoint that you can use to update actions that allows you to update secrets as well. It should be possible to perform a sync similar to what we discussed around Postman here. I haven’t had time to come up with an example yet, but figured I’d note this here just in case you hadn’t seen the endpoint yet. I’ll post again if I end up coming up with an example of how it could work.


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